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PsyCop #0.1: Inside Out

Thaw cover

Inside Out by Jordan Castillo Price

Series: PsyCop #0.1
Length: Short Story - 4200 words - 14 page PDF
Cover artist: Jordan Castillo Price - see larger cover

Available in the collection PsyCop Briefs: Volume 1:

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And in paperback at Amazon


Bureaucracy can suck the fun out of anything, even a PsyCop meeting. Undaunted, Jacob Marks would never miss a chance to meet some of the city's most mysterious crime fighters in the flesh, since now he'll finally be able to put names to faces...if Carolyn doesn't make them miss the whole thing because she's so focused on fixing him up with a musician from Boston.

Note: this short was written as a "thank you" prequel for current PsyCop readers, rather than an intro to the series. It does not stand alone.



A year, four months and eight days before Maurice Taylor retired from the Chicago Police Department…

“Honestly, Jacob. A meeting is a meeting. It’s nothing to get worked up over. Believe me.” Carolyn flipped down the passenger-side visor and gave her subdued peach lipstick a quick check. “Seriously. It’s like watching paint dry. Probably even more tedious than that.”

“But this is a PsyCop meeting—my first one. That’s got to count for something. And if it’s so dull, why’d they keep the Stiffs in the dark for so long?”

“Who knows? Maybe someone in brass just realized it can count toward your continuing education credits so it saves them the expense of paying for a class.”

Jacob reached for the handle to open the car door, but he noticed Carolyn didn’t. He paused.

“Did you talk to Keith?” She asked.

The lie came to him first—I left a message. He’d never considered himself a liar, but the very first conversation he’d had with Carolyn was a real eye-opener. Over the past few months he’d been trying to mend his ways, but it was a work in progress. No doubt everyone lied—to spare people’s feelings, to avoid coming off like jerks. But everyone didn’t work with a telepath.


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