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Series: PsyCop
Length: Novel, 80000 words
Cover artist: Jordan Castillo Price - see larger cover

$4.99 at many online retailers


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…will keep a PsyCop from his duty. Because ghosts don’t take snow days.

Seasons: PsyCop Briefs, Volume 2 contains four novelettes and fourteen short stories. This all-new, novel length collection begins right where PsyCop 12, Other Half, left off, with Vic and Jacob’s honeymoon. It then cycles through each season, highlighting various moments in the series with laughs, scares, tender domestic scenes, and of course, ghosts—then circles around to Other Half again.

Stories include:
Summer - Last Resort, Potato Potahto, To the Letter, The Perfect Storm, The Grass is Always Greener
Fall - On the Ball, Treat Me Right, Sticker Shock, One Bad Apple
Winter Roadside Resistance, Don’t Sweat It, Cold Case, Can’t Take It With You, Holiday Cheer
Spring - Dead Zone, Honey Do, Impostor Syndrome, Tie the Knot

Seasons FAQ

-audiobook now available! US | UK | FR | DE
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-not the last PsyCop novel



Mayor May Not

Series: The ABCs of Spellcraft 11
Length: Novella, 30000 words
Cover artist: Jordan Castillo Price - see larger cover

$2.99 at many online retailers


Uncle Fonzo has always been cagey about what his duties as Hand of the Penn family actually entail. Dixon figures they mainly involve playing poker with other middle-aged Scriveners, while Yuri suspects there are semi-legal dealings under the poker table as well.

Whatever his typical responsibilities might be, Fonzo’s got his hands full with a new grandchild on the way. So when he’s tasked by the head of circuit to find Pinyin Bay’s next mayor, he passes on the burden—er, opportunity—to his favorite nephew.

No problem! Dixon doesn’t know much about Handless politics, but he’s sure he’s acquainted with plenty of folks who’d make a fine public official (meaning, someone who won’t obstruct Scrivener interests.) But when he and Yuri get to know the potential candidates a bit better, they discover each one is stranger than the last.

Can the boys find a Scrivener-friendly mayor before time runs out? Or will the worst possible candidate in Pinyin Bay win simply by default?

The ABCs of Spellcraft Series

Now in audio in The ABCs of Spellcraft Vol. 1, and Nick Hudson is a delight! - listen to a sample!

Don't Rock the BoardwalkA quirky paranormal cozy romp

1. Quill Me Now

1.5. All that Glitters

2. Trouble in Taco Town

3. Something Stinks at the Spa

4. Dead Man's Quill

The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Vol. 1 (books 1-4) in Audiobook and Paperback

5. Last But Not Lease

6. Don't Rock the Boardwalk

7. What the Frack?

The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection, Volume 2 (novellas 5-7 in paperback) Also in Audio USA / UK

8. Present Tense (A Spellcraft Christmas Short)

9. Brownie Points

10. Forging Ahead

11. Mayor May Not

The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection, Volume 3 (novellas 8-11 in paperback) - Audio USA / UK

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Thaw AudiobookThaw Audiobook

Free audio, read by Gomez Pugh.
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Find Among the Living and Criss Cross in audio too!


I’m the last guy in the world who cares about sports, whether we’re talking about the Cubs, Sox, Bulls or Bears, or for that matter anything even remotely athletic. So I was a little surprised when Jacob suggested that we take a trip downtown to go ice skating. But nowhere near as surprised as he was when I told him I thought it was a great idea.

What Jacob didn’t know was that I’d played pee-wee hockey the winter I was eleven. (I didn’t give a rat’s ass about hockey. I had a crush on the goalie.) And what I didn’t know was that the ice rink would look so cool after sunset. All the bare trees along Michigan Avenue had been wrapped in white Christmas lights, and the whole Chicago skyline blazed behind them. Millennium Park was insanely cold, but it was gorgeous.

Jacob must have figured out that I could skate before we even got out on the ice. Not only is he smart that way, but I’m about as easy to read as a billboard. Even so, he still spent more time checking me out than he did enjoying the scenery. It’s weird, the way he stares. He doesn’t stop when I catch him at it. He just smiles a little.

Thaw is also available as a free ebook!